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Miss USA Nia Sanchez Talks Fashion, Fitness and More

Nia Sanchez
Nia Sanchez
Photos: Jenna Dosch

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It's only been two months since Nia Sanchez was crowned Miss USA, and already she's on the road constantly and making appearances on talk shows, throwing her return party to Vegas and getting prepped for competing in the Miss Universe Pageant later this year. The first Miss Nevada USA to take the Miss USA crown took some time out of her hectic schedule to show off 18 new outfits she was gifted by Double Zero last month and talk a bit about what her whirlwind life is like now, how she fits in fitness and healthy eating into her schedule and more.

You travel from coast to coast. Any tips for flyers to look their best when step of plane at other end of flight?
When I travel I always get on the plane with little to no makeup on, especially if it's an early morning flight. I like to bring my face lotion and light make up with me to do it on the plane 30 minutes before we land. That way, when I step off the plane I look fresh and ready to go!

Do you feel like you have to look you best at all times as Miss USA? If so, how do you do that?
I feel like when I'm going to appearances that yes, I try to look my best. But most other times, I dress more casual, hair up, and no makeup. At appearances, I'm thankful to have a great stylist that makes sure I'm dressed to the T. I've also had great lessons from my friends Austin and Kara who are makeup artists, and with their help, I feel like I'm now able to be fully ready when I go out as Miss USA.

Do you have a travel tiara? Is it different from the tiara you wore when you won?
Nope! The travel tiara is the same as the one that I wore when I was crowned!

If you have down time, do you like to shop and where?
I have three go-to, affordable places to shop! I love going to Forever 21, H&M, and Zara. Lately, I've been leaning more toward Zara because they have such great staple pieces that I know I'll be able to use for years to come.

How do you maintain your wardrobe and have a constant rotation of new outfits?
When I go to events, especially red carpets, I get to borrow clothes from designers. Borrowing the outfits is a great way for me to have something new each time. In my personal life, I try to have a few great essential pieces, then mix those up with fun colors and accessories creating new styles each time.

What is your favorite "cheat on your diet restaurant" in Las Vegas?
I LOVED going to Sugar Factory! When I ate there, I would try to go for breakfast, so I could order the crepes!!

Any surprising beauty tips members of the Miss USA organization have passed on?
Double-sided tape! Ever since prelims night at Miss USA, I've realized the importance of double-sided tape. I use it everywhere on many outfits, but most regularly to keep my sash stuck to my shoulder so it stays in place.

Anything you use as a beauty secret that might surprise people? What is it?
Now a days I use Image skincare for all my beauty needs. But I used to ALWAYS use coconut oil for everything! I would use it on my hair to moisturize, as eye makeup remover, and even a skin moisturizer!

How do you fit in exercise while you're on the road?
I had an amazing trainer before Miss USA, Bomb Shell Fitness, and now that I am on the road so much, I do quick little workouts that I can do in my hotel room. I try to always get my blood flowing and pumping every day.

Any tips for eating a healthy diet while you're traveling?
When I travel, I always pack snacks in my purse. My favorite go to snack would have to be quest bars! They are high in protein and fiber, so they keep me full and energized throughout the day!

How many days out of the month are you traveling?
In the past two months as Miss USA, I've traveled at least 10 to 15 days a month. I've always loved travel, and I can't wait to travel even more this year!

What's the most interesting thing that's happened to you since you won Miss USA?
The most interesting, and my favorite thing that has happened to me so far was going on Live with Kelly and Michael show! When I visited, Anderson Cooper was there and we almost had a little boxing match live on TV. Instead of boxing, I ended up showing him an escape technique from my 12 years of Tae Kwon Do training.

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