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What Does Mickey Norton Carry in Her Michael Kors Bag?

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Welcome to What's In Your Handbag?, a weekly feature that looks inside someone's handbag to answer the burning question, what do you have in there? Want to nominate someone? Shoot over an email with details.

Mickey Norton [Photos: Jenna Dosch]

This week, Mickey Norton, who is a board member of the UNLV Alumni Association and the Meadows School Association as well as the founder of Sundown in Downtown, which benefits the Las Vegas Natural History Museum, gives us a glimpse of what she carries in her handbag. Here, she carries an orange alligator Michael Kors handbag. Find out what's inside Norton's handbag following the jump.

What kind of handbag? 
Orange alligator Micheal Kors bag. 

What does your handbag say about you? 
Well my favorite color is orange and this bag is big and hip, so it means I have a lot going on. My bag has to have compartments so that it can fit the personality/mood or of that moment. Being a mother, having a job and giving back to the community requires a big purse.

What's the most important thing in your handbag? 
Ah where to start. Of course cell phone. I gotta stay connected at all times. Blush that gives me shimmer by Bobby Brown. No matter what my day may holds, I always like my cheeks to have a glow to them. Lastly my trusted notebook for taking notes for work, writing down what cupcakes I need to bring to the girls' classes, and to what I need need to accomplish to make my charities a success at our meetings. 

How about the most surprising thing? 
I definitely have to state that the most surprising thing about me is I always have a gift wrapped and ready for any occasion in the trunk of my car. One never knows if it's a teacher's birthday that day or if I need a just because present, so I have a little something something ready. As a women we have so many roles, I am definitely always prepared. 

What was the first handbag you carried that was memorable? 
My most memorable bag is when I started dating my husband, Chad. He gave me my first evening Prada bag. It was the best gift ever! First, because he has great taste, then because a little black purse goes with everything and every time I wear it, it takes me back to how I felt in that moment. 

Name eight items in your handbag and why you must carry them:
1. Ah, easy, cell phone. What did we do without them?

2. I always carry wipes. Having two daughters (Mizara and Milan) their hands are always into something it shouldn't be.

3. Lipstick. My favorite is Nars (Flaming Dust).

4. My Bobby Brown compact.

5. Kai perfume oil (the smell takes me back to Hawaii and happy thoughts).  

6. This may be be weird, but I carry flip flops in my purse as well. Sometimes I run around from a.m. until the middle of the night, so just to give my feet some relief and to get me to my next place faster I put them on and once I get to the next spot, well back in the purse they go.  

7. Next, my girlfriend makes this homemade body oil that makes legs shining and feel great. I tell her to bottle it up! I have been using it for three-plus years and always have it with me, just in case my day ends up into a night out. This is Vegas, anything can happen!!!

8. Lastly, my trusted old notebook. I'm always taking notes and writing down my to do list, which never ends. 
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