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8 Things You Need To Know about Britney Spears' Costumes

Britney Spears
Britney Spears
Photo: Denise Truscello/WireImage

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Here now, a look behind the scenes at the many costumes Britney Spears wears during her residency show at Planet Hollywood Resort. Total Rewards, the blog behind Caesars Entertainment, talks to Tisha Yates, who is in charge of the costumes in the show designed by Marcus Marcus, who brought Spears' visions for costumes to life. Here, eight things you need to know about Britney Spears' costumes.

1. The first costume Spears wears in the show — a recreation of the outfit she wore to the 2000 MTV Video Music Awards and in her video for "Toxic." The flesh-colored body suit features rhinestones and even comes in a crop-top version.

2. Spears' favorite costume? Her corset fashioned to look like a circus ringmaster with Swarovski crystals, a ruffled skirt, black and white stripes and chain metal for straps.

3. Yates says she spends up to eight hours a day adhering new stones to her costumes.

4. She also sews in new zippers to every outfit every four shows to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions.

5. Spears is apparently really into Skechers, so Yates bedazzles them with neon and rhinestones all the time.

6. Spears only has about 30 seconds for her four costume changes in each of seven segments in the show. That means 28 costumes overall.

7. There may soon be a new costume in the show. Yates teased a red catsuit with red crystals. She's using a top from Bebe as her inspiration and added some leggings.

8. Another possible new costume? A schoolgirl outfit.
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