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Why Bettie Page Clothing Is Now Called Tatyana

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Tatyana Designs
Tatyana Designs
Photo: Chris Dickey via Tatyana/

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Wondering why pinup stalwart Bettie Page Clothing is now called Tatyana? Celebrity-licensing company CMG Worldwide "has yanked the right to use Page's name and image from the high-end boutique, now doing business as Tatyana Designs with nary a Bettie Page swimsuit photo brightening its walls."

Here in Vegas, model and designer Tatyana Khomyakova and her husband Jan Glaser grew the chain to 17 stores in the U.S. and Canada.

CMG filed three lawsuits against the former Bettie Page Clothing after a long winter and poor sales caused the couple to request a delay in paying their four percent licensing fee in February. CMG opted to cut off the licensing rights to Bettie Page and filed a temporary restraining order. CMG also says Tatyana Designs owes legal fees.

Khomyakoya and Glaser say CMG tried to "dictate operational standards, like store layout," and tried to prevent selling off-shoots such as non-Bettie Page-branded lingerie or hosiery in their stores.

CMG CEO and founder Mark Roesler says "Tatyana Designs now owes CMG as much as $1 million."

Khomyakoya and Glaser also countersued CMG, saying the relationships that started in 2006 "began on a lie, when Roesler told Glaser in 2006 that Page was the most popular celebrity CMG had, with an astounding 100 million hits a month to its Website." The countersuit says that claim was blown up by "approximately 99 percent."

Both stores in Vegas at the Miracle Mile Shops and Forum Shops at Caesars are now called Tatyana and nary a pinup of Bettie Page can be found in the stores. Tatyana does still carry the Dita Von Teese Collection.
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