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Queen of Up-Dos Davone Philavong Shares Wedding Hair Faves

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A bride works with Davone Philavong on her wedding hair style [Photos: Courtesy of Davone Philavong]

Walk in to Michael Boychuck's Color Salon at Caesars Palace on any given Saturday and find a gaggle of girls getting their hair primped for a wedding. And stylist Davone Philavongg is the queen of up-dos at the salon. She's worked with Boychuck for the past 14 years, jumping with him from the Bellagio to Canyon Ranch and now Color.

Most of her brides come from out of town, and many buy a package deal to get their hair and makeup done before their big event. "Most of them come in the day before their wedding and come in with idea of what to they want to do," she says.

But those who want to leave their hair to Philavong are in capable hands. She takes into consideration the dress and bride's personality to come up with the right look. "Show hair is different from concert hair. There's a time and place for everything and what you're wearing," she says.

She'll take into consideration the veil, flowers and sparkle a bride may have planned for her hair. "Some tiaras so high I have to make their hair higher. Some brides prefer curly hair or more smooth hair. Some like buns. All of them are different," she says.

Here, Philavong shares some of her favorite wedding hair looks.

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