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Ian Ziering Returns as the Host of the Chippendales

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Ian Ziering [Photo: Chippendales/Facebook]

Most fans of Beverly Hills 90210 know Ian Ziering as Steve Sanders. Fast forward to last year when Ziering generated a whole new fan base when he starred as the shark slayer in the surprise Syfy thriller Sharknado. Sandwiched in between, a guest hosting gig with the boys in cuffs and collars The Chippendales. Ziering returns, a first for a guest emcee, tonight through July 19 when he hosts the hot male adult revue at Rio. Here, Ziering talks about getting in shape to strip down to cuffs and collars, playing the host in Chipp Shot and returning as a guest host for six weeks.

You're the first celebrity to resurrect your role in Chippendales. What made you decide to come back?
I'm very flattered to be coming back to work with the Chippendales. You know what? I had so much fun. It was like summer camp for me. And I got to share it with my family. The Rio treats me like a king.

Las Vegas has the best of everything. Not just the best in restaurants, but so many culturally interesting things I can't wait to share with my family.

Last year, you sang, you danced, you ripped your Chippendales tank off. Any new tricks up your cuffs this time around?
Time will tell. We're working with the choreographer now. I hope to be as involved if not more so. The show's changed up since last year, and that will show.

How has your fan base evolved over the years?
I've been very fortunate in my career. I've been involved in projects that appeal to different demographics. The fans for 90210 were the best fans I've ever known. Sharknado fans are the most supportive. I have fans who know me from Dancing with the Stars or fans who know me as McKenna's dad from the American Doll movie I did.

It's tons of fun. I'm so flattered by the audience.

Are your fans overly enthusiastic?
I find the fans that go to the Chippendales are overly enthusiastic to begin with. They're just tickled to be there and appreciate getting a chance to meet me up close. It's flattering that people remember me from soap operas, from 90210, from Dancing with the Stars, from Sharknado.

What's the craziest thing that happened during Chipp Shot?
You know, there was a woman who came up on stage. She may have had a little too much to drink. When she was up on stage, somehow her dress flew up and she wasn't wearing anything underneath.

The show is a very flirty sexy show. There's no jock straps and dollar bills. For 30 years clearly they're doing something right. As our society becomes OK with sexuality, men bring their dates. It's not just women.

How did you change your workout schedule to prep for the show?
There really is only way to make that happen — diet and exercise. I wanted to achieve a level of fitness that was not going to embarrass me. Women are going to see Adonis with a bow tie around his neck. These guys are sculpted to perfection. They all move well.

I just don't want to show up with a muffin top. I'm always trying to outdo myself. It's hardened my resolve that much more.

Does being in shape get in the way of having a good time while you're in Vegas?
No, there's always a way to have a good time in Las Vegas. I don't drink much alcohol but I never did to begin with. I allow myself a cheat day. I don't eat every meal for taste. When I'm in training, I eat for sustenance. Chicken and broccoli doesn't taste great. I'll have all that junk food at some point. The payoff is that it just fills me with so much pride that I've achieved something.
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