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Twelve Great Locations Around Las Vegas for Your Engagement Photos

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Congratulations, you're engaged. Aside from all the planning for a wedding, you may want to add engagement photos to the list. Instead of heading to a studio for your photo shoot, why not drop Las Vegas in the background? We talked to photographer Jenna Dosch of Orchard Grove Photography for some of the best locations around the city covering dry lake beds, wetlands, ghost towns and more, with the fees and some of the crazy restrictions for use.
1. Clark County Wetlands Park — No photography fee (at this time).

2. Fremont East — No photography fee (at this time).

3. Lake Las Vegas — Call for permission and pay $50 photography fee.

4. Nelson, NV (ghost town just south of Boulder City) — $20 for first two hours, call ahead to reserve.

Now for the locations we can't show you because we might get into trouble:

5. Red Rock Canyon — Photography permit, $50 per day or $250 annual.

6. Neon Museum — Two weeks notice to reserve a date. The couple needs to call for current rates because they charge photographers more to shoot there. The last Dosch heard, it was $400 an hour to shoot there, $300 per hour for local couples. Also, Dosch says they make the photographer sign a property release stating the photographer can't use photos without paying an additional fee.

Other popular locations:
7. Bonnie Springs Ranch — They have a cute Old West town that is great for photo ops. More than $100 per hour to shoot there.

8. Floyd Lamb Park — Park entrance fee only ($6).

9. Mt. Charleston — No fee.

10. Dry Lake Beds, including Jean Roach Dry Lake Bed — Dosch says, "Don't even think about it if it's on Bureau of Land Management land. No permission granted. You will be fined if caught." Jean Roach is popular with ATV riders, so the land is pretty rough with tire tracks.

11. Spring Mountain Ranch State Park in Blue Diamond — Park entrance fee plus you need to call ahead for permission. Cost and availability to shoot there depends on who answers the phone.

12. Tivoli Village — Call for permission; photography fee is $50 per hour.
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