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Here's How You Can Revolutionize Your Selfie

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You remember Polaroids, the instant camera maker with its film that developed before your eyes made famous by pop artist Andy Warhol and his series of portraits of the famous. Now the film, cameras and even Warhol's works have a home right here in Vegas. Meet Polaroid Fotobar, the new 8,500-square-foot space filled with instant selfie materials on the first floor and a museum on the second, now open at The Linq.

Visitors can create living memories instantly by printing their photos in minutes on the exclusive Polaroid Classic Border Logo format. Frames and display options offer up more ways to accessorize memories. Metals, stones, bamboos, canvases and more also make an appearance in the frame materials. And if you have no idea what to do, talk to one of the "Fototenders" roaming the floor with advice and support.

Upstairs find the 4,500-square-foot Polaroid Museum with its history of Polaroid. Aside from showcasing the story of Polaroid's founder, Edwin Land, and the many ways he impacted not just the business of imaging, find a 20x24 camera, one of the largest Polaroid cameras in the world. Only five of these working cameras remain in existence.

Also find "Capturing Celebrity," presented by The Andy Warhol Museum. Find 50 of the pop art icon's most famous Polaroid snapshots, displaying each subject in the exact state that Warhol chose to capture them. Dennis Hopper, Truman Capote, John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Mick Jagger, Dolly Parton, Farrah Fawcett, Debbie Harry, Giorgio Armani, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Keith Richards and Muhammad Ali are just a few of the famous faces visitors can expect to see in classic Polaroid form. Guests can also see two of Warhol's personal Polaroid cameras.

On your way out, pick up one of the 63 Andy Warhol items for sale in the downstairs gift shop. Your selfie just reached a new level.
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