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What Does Porsha Willey Carry in Her Maison Martin Margiela?

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Welcome to What's In Your Handbag?, a new weekly feature that looks inside someone's handbag to answer the burning question, what do you have in there? Want to nominate someone? Shoot over an email with details.

Porsha Willey [Photo: Jenna Dosch]

Today, Porsha Willey, who works as the store manager of Scoop NYC at the Forum Shops at Caesars, gives us a glimpse of what she carries in her handbag. Here, she carries a Maison Martin Margiela oversized leather tote. Find out what's inside following the jump.

Porsha Willey [Photo: Jenna Dosch]

What does your handbag say about you?
Despite the fact that this bags price tag is on par with most "status bags" (ie Givenchy or Celine) no one would ever guess that by looking at it, unless they knew it was made by Margiela. I guess in a way, that represents me in the sense, that I'm not overly flashy about the qualities I bring to the table, but there is definitely a great value within myself, beyond what meets the eye. 

What's the most important thing in your handbag?
My Kiehl's Lip Balm #1. I can't live without it.

How about the most surprising thing?
A broken bicycle bell that fell off my fixed gear bike.

What was the first handbag you carried that was memorable?
At age 7, my grandmother gave me a Louis Vuitton mini baguette. I was the epitome of a tom boy back then and had little to no appreciation for the value of this bag. However I loved its small size and found it perfect to stash my treasures in.

The contents of Porsha Willey's handbag [Photo: Jenna Dosch]

Name eight items in your handbag and why you must carry them:
iPhone charger (I can't be without my phone)

2. iPhone and iPad mini and iPod shuffle (If I could, I would probably carry my iMac In here too)

3. Store keys

4. My business cards, I never miss an opportunity to brag about the ultimate closet (aka Scoop NYC). 

5. My birthday card from my boyfriend from last year. He would laugh if he knew I had it with me at all times, but anytime I'm having a tough day, I read it because it's full of reminders about what's actually important in life.

6. My vitamins and supplements, "for your health" — Dr. Steve Brule.

7. I always carry three pairs of sunglasses. My Tom Ford "Bardot" are my favorites. But just in case, I always have my Tom Ford "Campbell's" and my Chanels.

8. My headphones, I absolutely can never be without music. I think humans should come programmed with the ability to always hear music. Maybe that explains all the Apple products in my bag.
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Scoop NYC

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