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Angela Stabile of X Burlesque Shares Her Sexiest Tips

Angela Stabile and Matt Stabile
Angela Stabile and Matt Stabile
Photo: Edison Graff/Stardust Fallout Media

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Angela Stabile has been a staple in the entertainment industry in Vegas. Stabile and her husband Matt are behind the sexy show X Burlesque and X Burlesque University at the Flamingo Las Vegas along with X ROCKS at the Rio. She was even a performer and produced her own show.

Last Friday, the 12-year-old X Burlesque received an official proclamation from the City of Las Vegas, making Friday, Feb. 7, 2014, X Burlesque Day. The high-energy, sexy topless revue, X Burlesque performs nightly at Flamingo Las Vegas with numbers that include Beyonce's "Run the World," Rihanna's "Birthday Cake" and Keri Hilson's "The Way You Love Me," as well as X Burlesque's version of today's showgirl titled "A Girls Best Friend" and Shirley Bassey's "Diamonds are Forever" and Rihanna's "Diamonds."

Here, the sexy Stabile shares some of her best tips on feeling sexy, looking sexy and how she stays in shape, all in the name of Valentine's Day.

What makes you feel sexiest?
Actually I think if your hair looks good then anything you're wearing looks good. And if you have sexy shoes, you look good in anything. Or wear nothing.

Where in Las Vegas do you love to shop for lingerie?
I hate to say, it's the traditional Victoria's Secret and Frederick's of Hollywood, which is a little more risqué. Victoria's Secret is more innocent.

For clothes?
One of my favorite places to shop is AllSaints, believe it or not. I love their clothes, their shoes. They have things for evening and casual. It's a great look, a rocker style.

For makeup?
Usually I love Bobbi Brown and MAC. I go to the usual department stores.

Best beauty tip you've picked up as a performer?
The best mascara ever is Christian Dior Iconic and Extase. If you have mascara on, you look way better. Those both give you great lashes.

Also eat healthy and stay hydrated! Especially in Las Vegas, it's important to use moisturizer day and night.

How do you stay in shape when you're not working? Are there any Vegas gyms or workouts you love?
Actually we have a trainer so we work out three day a week, but a lot of times it turns into two times a week. We go to Adam Gentz, trainer/owner of the Strength Centers. He trained Donny Osmond for Dancing with the Stars.

If you go out with your husband or boyfriend, don't eat your whole meal. That's always a great way to cut calories.

I make fresh juice in the morning. It fills you up and gives you energy.

Best tip for snagging a Valentine's Day date?
If the person knows someone ask you could take him to one of our amazing shows for a super sexy Valentine's Day date.

Tips for how to feel sexy?
I think being confident is the key ingredient to sexiness. For a woman, if you want to feel sexy, confidence is important.
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