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What Does Stephanie McGerty Carry in Her Michael Kors Handbag?

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Welcome to What's In Your Handbag?, a new weekly feature that looks inside someone's handbag to answer the burning question, what do you have in there? Want to nominate someone? Shoot over an email with details.

Stephanie McGerty [Photo: Cal Bingham]

Today, Stephanie McGerty, who works as the marketing manager of One Queensridge Place, gives us a glimpse of what she carries in her handbag. Here, she carries a Michael Kors Selma Studded Saffiano Tote. Find out what's inside following the jump.

What kind of handbag?
Michael Kors Selma Studded Saffiano Tote

What does your handbag say about you?
Well-poised with a taste for luxury and a hint of after-hours rock-n-roll edge.

What's the most important thing in your handbag?

How about the most surprising thing?
A purse within my purse. Oftentimes I have to go straight from the office to cocktail hours or events. I always carry a Michael Kors clutch so that the transition is effortless.

What was the first handbag you carried that was memorable?
A black soft leather Coach slouch purse with silver hardware detail. My mom gave it to me around the same time as my first management experience soon after college, so I really felt like I was moving up and starting my path as a successful business woman. 

The contents of Stephanie McGerty's handbag [Photo: Cal Bingham]

Name eight items in your handbag and why you must carry them:
Classic Cherry ChapStick. We live in the desert — ChapStick is a survival necessity!

2. Samsung Galaxy S4 cell phone. Hello, Instagram! Love the camera on this phone. It's the best for capturing moments while out and about.

3. Business cards because you never know who you are going to meet.

4. The One Queensridge Place Prestige Card. It's the best for perks at my favorite Tivoli Village spots.

5. Sunglasses of the moment. Always sunny in Vegas.

6. Keys to my BMW because I love putting the top down and enjoy the warm Vegas air.

7. Victoria Secret scented hand sanitizer. It's cleansing and nourishing with just a touch of lavish lush.

8. Mac Turquatic Perfume because it's so refreshing and light — perfect for everyday wear.
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