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Get a Glimpse at What the Polaroid Fotobar Will Look Like

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[Renderings: Facebook]

Here's a look at the $1.2 million Polaroid Fotobar and Polaroid Museum planned to open at The Linq in March. The 28,911-square-foot flagship store will feature a Mobile Print Shop, a spot already open at the entertainment district and serving up instant photos from a van.

The second-floor museum promises to be "interactive and educational" with a look at how its founder Edwin Land was a forerunner to the instant and collaborative sharing nature of social media. Here find rare artifacts, art and advertising courtesy of the Polaroid Historical Collection at MIT. The museum's main attraction will be the Andy Warhol "Capturing Celebrity" exhibition, which will feature a collection of 50 of Warhol's most famous Polaroid photographs, as well as two of Warhol's personal Polaroid cameras.

Of course, the Polaroid Museum is raising money through Indiegogo, so far receiving $5,617 toward its $100,000 goal with 11 days of fundraising remaining. The museum will receive all the funds raised even if they don't reach that $100,000 mark.

[Photos: Bradley Martin]

Right now, the Mobile Print Shop is serving up instant photos at The Linq. Here you can see what Polaroid Fotobar will have in store, "liberating" their photos and turning them into innovative and memorable products. Photos can be instantly printed with a Polaroid Classic Border Logo picture format in five different sizes. Also turn photos into something new in canvas, stone, metal, bamboo and more.
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