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Hits and Misses from the Grammy Awards Red Carpet

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For the Grammy Awards red carpet, Racked Vegas asked stylist Staci Michelle Virga to jot down her thoughts on the celebrities and their outfits. Virga is the personal stylist for Marie Osmond and her portfolio includes styling celebrities including Holly Madison and Andre Agassi as well as working on behalf of Rachel Roy, Nicki Minaj and Blake Shelton. Read what she has to say about the always over-the-top red carpet at the Grammy Awards.

Jay Z and Beyonce [Photo: Getty Images]

The Grammy Awards are entertainment's ultimate night of music, fashion and surprises — this is a night for stars to let their hair down and take fashion risks they can't normally pull off at say, the Academy Awards

· Let's get this out of the way and give out the award for power couple to — Jay Z and Beyonce. I know, I know some may be tired of hearing about them but winners are winners and Bey's white embroidered lace number with J on her side screams winner! And with that performance — definitely the winners of the night. 

· I'll stick to the fashion portion when I give this shout out to Taylor Swift. This is a young lady with style. Her red carpet chain mail look by Gucci, performance and post-looks were all on point. She organically gets it!

· But I still have to say country's cutest goes to Kacey Musgrave in her little eclectic, electric "giddy up" — and those light up cowboy boots were so fun!

· Miranda Lambert warrants acknowledgment for her classic, curve-hugging Pamella Roland gown. It was perfect to show off her new body. 

· A shout out to some of the other fellas on stepping up the fashion game — Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. I can dig the flavor they bring. 

· On the other hand, hey Pharrell, bigger isn't always better. Though you can do NO wrong in the music world, the hats were a big NO for me tonight but keep bringing us the beats please.

· Old school was in the house tonight — Sir Paul McCartney, Willie Nelson, Cyndi Lauper, Steven Tyler and Madonna — all put their best foot forward in their own unique ways. Ozzy and the family ran with the "Black Sabbath" look, looking monotone chic …for me, the Osbournes take best styled family.

· Julia Roberts stepped up her game from the Golden Globes. Thanks for looking like the pretty woman we know you are. I do have to deduct points for being challenged in her stilettos. (Ladies, being able to walk in what you're wearing is part of the outfit. If you can't walk in them, don't wear them because you're doing a disservice to the look…so please.)  

· Katy Perry's new song is a hit and so was her musically inspired Valentino gown, but she is consistently underwhelming in her performance gear. She should have stuck to her GQ cover look to score a win! 

· Lorde's "Royals" may have been the big winner tonight but she certainly came up short in her extremely unflattering attire. 

· Two other ladies stood out but not in a good way. Alicia Keys. The plunge has been overdone and not the easiest to pull off. Sorry girl, you know you're great but we're ready for a new look, please. I don't think fashion is a strong suit for Sara Bareilles and that high low dress just wasn't working for me.

· Miss Miley Cyrus — I liked the under played yet well played look tonight. I've got my eye on you.

· For best dressed, my winners are Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, T Swift in that dazzling dress and Beyonce in the sheer floral gown from Michael Costello….not much else to say there, she's always a show stopper. 

· Worst dressed for me is Pharrell. That hat looked like it belonged to a Canadian mountie. 

· P.S. I sort of enjoyed Daft Punk and the robot heads too! 
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