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Tips from Tiffany & Co. on Buying an Engagement Ring

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Engagement season is just around the corner, and with that, a bevy of engagement rings are about to be purchased. Who better to ask about tips for buying an engagement rings than Peter Sinibaldi, Tiffany & Co. group director for the Southwest market. Here find out what makes a good engagement rings, some mistakes uninformed shoppers make and what Tiffany looks for in a diamond.

What are some of the keys to buying good diamonds?
Tiffany & Co. has been setting the standard for engagement rings since 1886 and is committed to providing each customer with the most brilliant diamonds in the world. My first bit of advice is to work with someone you trust, that has a well-known reputation of integrity and that will be there for you in the future. We take pride in establishing that relationship with our customers at Tiffany & Co. This relationship makes all of the difference and surely helps with the technical aspects of the purchase. It should, more importantly, play a supporting role in creating an enduring story that conveys the romance and elegance of that moment in your life.

Any common mistakes to diamond buying?
Many things can be confusing to the uninformed or casual buyer. Prepare and educate yourself before purchasing a diamond ring with as much information as possible, and never underestimate what you see with your eyes.

For example, beware of claims that diamonds with extra facets are superior. Tiffany & Co. has demonstrated 57 facets maximize the light returned to your eye from the diamond. Including more facets does not translate to more brilliance — quite the opposite is the case.

How does Tiffany decide which diamonds get sold in your stores?
We take tremendous pride in saying Tiffany diamonds are the most brilliant diamonds in the world. Only two percent of all gem-quality diamonds meet Tiffany & Co.'s high standards. Many jewelers focus only on the 4C's (cut, color, clarity, carat weight), and we feel that's inadequate. Tiffany & Co. focuses on the 4C's in addition to "presence," which accounts for our high-standards in selecting diamonds and the precision cutting in our designs.

What will customers find inside the Tiffany & Co. Las Vegas store when it comes to engagement rings?
We have four beautiful locations: The Shops at Crystals, Bellagio, Forum Shops at Caesars and Fashion Show. Each location has an amazing selection of diamonds, including engagement rings, wedding bands and other signature Tiffany & Co. diamond jewelry. The Tiffany Setting is the most beautiful ring the world has ever seen and a perfect engagement ring selection for the holidays or any occasion. With its debut in 1886, the setting quickly became the quintessential engagement ring. No single jewelry design has enjoyed such profound influence or universal popularity, and the Tiffany Setting will create a lifetime of holiday memories for the couple who chooses it.

In addition, Tiffany & Co. features several other engagement ring styles including Tiffany Lucida, Tiffany Novo, Tiffany Soleste, Tiffany Harmony, Tiffany Legacy, Tiffany Grace, Tiffany Bezet, Tiffany Etoile and Tiffany Embrace. Each Tiffany engagement ring style holds its own unique style sure to capture the personality of the woman wearing it.
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