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Say Goodbye to Rough Feet with Costa Del Sur's Pedi

Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Food Transformation
Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Food Transformation
Photo: Sephora

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Been dying to try out Clarisonic's new Pedi Foot Transformation set? Now you can with the exclusive Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Foot Transformation pedicure at South Point's Costa Del Sur Spa & Salon.

The spa is the only place to get this treatment that uses the new tools. Using the brush, the treatment gets feet six times cleaner than washing alone. A smoothing disc files down callouses gently, and if used daily in a home setting, can keep your feet super soft and callous free.

But perhaps the most interesting part of the treatment was the Pedi Boost, a peel that gently exfoliates skin with glycolic acid. Most of the products include apricot seed oil for super soft skin.

All January, this exclusive treatment goes for $80.
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Costa Del Sur Spa & Salon

9777 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Las Vegas, NV 89183