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Never Pay In Advance with the Bungalow's Online Shopping

The Bungalow
The Bungalow
Photo: Official Site

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Whoa. Online shopping just got a little more interesting at The Bungalow, Meital Bronstein's fashion-forward boutique on Charleston Boulevard. Already shoppers can come in to find Anna Sui, Band of Outsiders, Krisa, Graham & Spencer and more on the racks. Now they can not only do their shopping from home but not pay for items they try on beforehand.

Whoa, indeed. Just add items to your dressing room, a classier name for a shopping cart. Bronstein will even pick out additional items based on your taste to round out the dressing room. Then three to five days later, items arrive, free of charge.

Shoppers have 10 days to try on items and then ship back anything they don't want free of charge. Once the Bungalow receives the shipment back, they charge for any items not in the box. Just like shopping in a store but in the comfort of your home. And just like having a personal stylist who knows your taste.

Go ahead, try it.
· The Bungalow [Official Site]

The Bungalow

7024 W. Charleston Blvd., Las Vegas, NV