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Fantasy's Jaime Lynch Makes Her Debut as a Ring Girl

Jaime Lynch as a ring girl
Jaime Lynch as a ring girl
Photo: Tom Donoghue

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New topless show headliner Jaime Lynch of Fantasy at the Luxor made her debut as a ring girl for the boxing match between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Canelo Alvarez at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Saturday night.??

The singer made her turn around the ring before round four and round ten of the fight wearing a matching navy blue and silver halter top and shorts, a sparkly rhinestone belt and stilettos.

Racked Vegas talked to Lynch about her ring appearance, who did her hair and makeup, where she found her costume and more.

What color lipstick did you wear?
It was a red maroon color that Megan Mulligan, the make-up artist, provided. I believe it was a Makeup Forever color. 

Who did your hair?
The amazing Shaun Saunders! I love him!

Who designed your outfit?
It was designed by the costume designers for the MGM Grand

What shoes were you wearing?
Very tall clear stilettos ;)

How does being a ring girl compare to being on stage in Fantasy?
It is a completely different experience in the sense that it is live TV, and I'm not in my comfort zone getting ready to sing. They are similar in the sense that they are both live "stage" productions. You can really feel the energy coming from both audiences. Fantasy is much more intimate. I am stepping onto a stage, in a sense, for both of them. But I am much more comfortable singing than being in the ring. Both are exhilarating and exciting in different ways. :) 
· Fantasy [Official Site]

MGM Grand Garden Arena

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