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What Does Emma Trotter Carry in Her Tiffany Tote?

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Welcome to What's In Your Handbag?, a new weekly feature that looks inside someone's handbag to answer the burning question, what do you have in there? Want to nominate someone? Shoot over an email with details.

Emma Trotter [Photo: Chelsea McManus]

Today, Caesars Entertainment digital content editor Emma Trotter gives us a glimpse of what she carries in her handbag. Here, she carries a Tiffany & Co.'s Tiffany reversible tote filled with her holistic herbs, a Tory Burch makeup bag that carries everything small and an all-natural coffee. Find out what's inside following the jump.

Emma Trotter [Photo: Chelsea McManus]

What kind of handbag?
Tiffany & Co.
's Tiffany Reversible Tote, also known as the "TRT."

What does your handbag say about you?
That I'm practical, but far from boring — it's reversible, so I can interchange the coral side or the camel one for whatever mood I'm in. It's a good size for everything I'm carrying, including notepads and makeup for events after work. I always joke that I carry a kitchen, pharmacy and a salon in here. I would never in a million years carry a plain black bag, but I wear a lot of coral and gold, so these colors match that well. Life's too short to blend in.

What's the most important thing in your handbag?
Besides my phone and wallet, my Tory Burch makeup bag. I throw everything small in there, from earrings and bracelets to mascara.

How about the most surprising thing?
My holistic herbs. I always have some hippie all-natural thing I'm doing, whether it's vitamins or liquid herbs. I carry them along so even if I'm meeting people for lunch or dinner, they're on me. I take them at the table and my friends just laugh.

What was the first handbag you carried that was memorable?
My Louis Vuitton Speedy was a Christmas gift from my mom years and years ago, and I still carry it everywhere. I'm sure I'll be using it until I'm 80.

The contents of Emily Trotter's handbag [Photo: Chelsea McManus]

Name eight items in your handbag and why you must carry them:
1. Altoids. I'm absolutely addicted to them because they're my version of candy. I eat them all day long because I love peppermint so much. I'll sit in a movie theater and go through half a can so that I don't go grab a popcorn and Reese's.

2. Tape recorder. My original voice recorder from almost a decade ago still works best for interviews for articles. No iPhone app has matched its quality so far!

3. Javita Coffee Co.'s Burn + Control gourmet instant coffee has no chemicals, and I can easily add hot water to it anywhere. Everyone I know that's on it has lost weight and has all-day energy, so it's a great two-in-one for me.

4. Travel-sized L'Oreal Elnett Satin hairspray. The best hairspray in the world, hands down. With all the parties I go to, I go through a lot of cans.

5. Classic Cherry ChapStick. Even with the 30 or so lip glosses I own, I always reach for this first.

6. Garden of Life Organic Super Seed bars in apple cinnamon. They're no Snickers, but they fill you up so fast and are completely all natural. They're good to have in case I don't have time to eat.

7. Tory by Tory Burch fragrance samples. My favorite salesgirl at Tory Burch at the Forum Shops at Caesars gives me tons and tons of these every time I go in, and they last a while even in their tiny size. I've been carrying them with me so I can re-apply during the day.

8. My Marilyn Monroe-themed notebook. Even my notebooks can't be just plain white — they have to have a touch of glamour. As a huge Marilyn fan, this one has a fun cover and is just the right size, whether I need it for touring one of Caesars' properties or scribbling down ideas for future projects.
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