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What Amy Brown Carries in Her Coure & Pelle Amelia Bag

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Welcome to What's In Your Handbag?, a new weekly feature that looks inside someone's handbag to answer the burning question, what do you have in there? Want to nominate someone? Shoot over an email with details.

Amy Brown [Photo: Chelsea McManus]

Today, Amy Brown, who sells slot machines for Bally Technologies, gives us a glimpse of what she carries in her handbag. Here, she carries a Coure & Pelle filled with fun goodies such as a keychain she got from a stranger and wristband for cross-training. Find out what's inside following the jump.

Amy Brown [Photo: Chelsea McManus]

What kind of handbag? 
Coure & Pelle Amelia bag

What does your handbag say about you? 
In the days of the modern woman, I think work style can still be fashionable and professional. The description on this bag reads "timeless style" and that's the kind of style I gravitate towards. Something that works today but will also work in 20 years. Then you don't feel so bad for splurging on the purchase.

What's the most important thing in your handbag? 
I have a keychain that a complete stranger gave me once after I complimented her on it. It has my favorite prayer on it and I couldn't help but notice it when she had her keys in her hands. She said that she was always taught to give something away that's replaceable if it makes someone smile. I've had it for over 10 years and It always makes me smile when I see it. It's a good reminder that giving is always better than receiving.  

How about the most surprising thing? 
Wrist wraps. People wouldn't look at me and think "she must be a weightlifter"... but I am. I've been cross-fitting for about a year now and my wrists take a lot of heat so these things come in handy!

What was the first handbag you carried that was memorable? 
My first Coach bag that my mom bought me. It was a big moment! It was a beautiful white leather hobo and I carried it for a couple of years even when it turned blue from the die of my denim staining it!

Name eight items in your handbag and why you must carry them:
Snacks! Usually dry almonds or a Power Bar. My husband always makes sure I have a snack in my bag because once I'm hungry my "other" personality comes out until I get food. I found these great snack packs at Trader Joe's and it's the perfect portion of almonds. I don't leave home without them. A handful is all you need for a little pick-me-up. And, as my husband always says "happy wife, happy life!"

2. Bally game library zip drive. This holds every slot machine we have ever produced, and even though we have iPads and iPhones these days, I still carry this. It's old-school, but reliable and easy to store in a tiny pocket inside my bag. It's still a great sales tool for me. Technology isn't always reliable, so knowing that I can pop this into any of my customers' PCs and pull up any slot machine we need gives me peace of mind. Customers usually ask if they can keep it, so I keep a supply at home so I can always restock.

3. Face mist. A girlfriend introduced me to this stuff and it's an everyday staple now. It's one of the best ways to freshen up throughout the day.

4. Teeth brushing kit, including mouthwash. I brush my teeth at least three times per day...minimum! I'm with customers all day and I talk for a living so having fresh breath is VERY important. Sometimes I'll even ask customers if I have something in my teeth before proceeding with a lunch conversation!

5. Journal. My mind never stops, so I find myself taking notes throughout the day. Sometimes there are things to pick up at the grocery store and other times it's a great quote that I heard someone reference or something that inspires me throughout the day.

6. Small make-up case that has my cherry lip balm, lip-gloss, cover-up stick and a mini mascara in it. These are the only four items I need if I'm in a rush. A little cover up on a blemish, a dab of lip gloss and lush lashes go a long way!

7. Deodorant. What can I say? I'm a busy girl on the go and sometimes I need to reapply!

8. Account quick fact list. I keep this in my wallet. I'm in and out of casinos all day and sometimes it's hard to remember every last detail. I update this sheet every month and carry it with me. Before I go into a meeting, I take a quick look to make sure I know how many slot machines they have on their floor, how many Bally slot machines they have and a few quick facts based on discussions in our last meeting. It's very helpful!

The contents of Amy Brown's handbag [Photo: Chelsea McManus]

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