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Marlene and Tara Herrera on Their Nobu Fashions at LAFW

Nobu fashions by Marlene and Tara Herrera from Le Mali Designs
Nobu fashions by Marlene and Tara Herrera from Le Mali Designs
Photo: Nobu

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Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace showed off its stylish side on the red carpet as the title sponsor of the 2013 L.A. Fashion Weekend at Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood last month.

Nobu commissioned buzz-worthy Los Angeles-based design team Marlene and Tara Herrera from Le Mali Designs to create four distinctive couture gowns inspired by the hotel's visionary east-meets-west design aesthetic. Also showing their own spring line at L.A. Fashion Weekend, the dynamic duo took the time to create these one-of-a-kind dresses and they spoke about their inspiration:

How many dresses did you be design for L.A. Fashion Weekend and Nobu Hotel at Caesars Palace?
Marlene Herrera:
For L.A. Fashion Weekend we designed a collection which consists of 15 different looks. For Nobu Hotel, we designed and created four distinctive east-meets-west couture pieces.   

Does each dress have a theme? 
Tara Herrera:
 We found our inspiration from the Nobu Hotel themes. Since the hotel has in its DNA a "Japanese and Asian tradition," it led us to draw and incorporate elements to our designs that were influenced by the geisha traditional costume. We wanted to blend our design aesthetic with Japanese elements, keeping in mind the beautiful design of the Nobu Hotel rooms. Our goal was to create striking living work of arts that reflected Japanese culture of luxury, elegance, sophistication, beauty and harmony.

What fabrics and colors are the inspirations behind the designs?
Tara Herrera:
To further enhance the aesthetic of our designs we decide to utilize silk fabrics in earth tones drawn from Nobu Hotel's color scheme.

Can you describe the headpieces that were worn?
Marlene Herrera:
For the headpieces, we decided to take a direct inspiration from the geishas. We incorporated over-the-top headpieces with Japanese elements that complemented and finished off the overall look of the couture garments. The headpieces consist of Japanese fans, parasol, orchids and one Manzanita branches.
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