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Meet the Newest Boutiques Coming to New York-New York

Here's where all the boutique action will be
Here's where all the boutique action will be
Photo: Bradley Martin

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The front of New York-New York has been undergoing a huge renovation and by Dec. 28, four of the newest venues will swing open their doors. One, a $682,748 Starbucks will take up 2,239 square feet as it nestles next to the new entrance to the resort. That joins Hershey's Chocolate World, which plans to open this spring, and the recently renovated Nine Fine Irishmen. From there, the shopping just gets more interesting.

The wrap on the Swatch store [Photo: Bradley Martin]

First up, a $1.98 million Swatch store. The 1,967-square-foot store will feature giant billboards of Swatch ads covering the walls. Here the watches from the collection will sit on wavy display tables. Already the space is wrapped in signs that show what the boutique will look like.

A rendering of the Swatch store [Photo: Bradley Martin]

Next up, I Love NYNY, a $913,700 renovation of 1,708 square feet. The store gets its inspiration from the Chelsea Market. Expect to find New York-inspired souvenirs much like the shops that can be found all over New York City.

A rendering of Stupidiotic [Photo: Bradley Martin]

And finally, Stupidiotic (stoo-pid-ee-ah-tik), a $682,475 renovation of 1,485 square feet. This novelty store kind of throws together products that are "ingenious and UN-genius." So you never know what you will find here.
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