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Wear This Versatile Gold Pendant Around the Neck or Wrist

<a href="http://ericaweiner.com/collections/necklaces-view-all/products/double-letterpress-necklace-gold-plate#.UlRzh-y83hM">Letterpress necklace, </a><a href="http://ericaweiner.com/collections/necklaces-view-all/products/double-letterpress-necklac
Letterpress necklace,

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Racked National associate editor Kenzie Bryant: Erica Weiner makes a lot of beautiful pieces from her Brooklyn hideout, but my favorite is the letterpress necklace. It has a really nice weight to it, so I can circle the chain around my wrist a few times and dangle about halfway down my forearm. Worn as a necklace, I can wrap it twice for choker-mode or just let it hang. And if you can't tell by the simple look of it, the piece is great for layering. One piece, so many activities! 

Racked SF editor Kristen Philipkoski: In fall, I always feel the need for a new, sturdy handbag that will last me through the winter. However, I've taken up with a new philosophy that advocates buying fewer things, and making sure the things I do buy are high quality and will see me through not just one season but many years of use. Conveniently, SF-based Cuyana's motto is "buy fewer, better things," and their leather tote is poised to serve for life. 

Usually such high quality is also terribly expensive, but this bag is just $150. It comes in fun colors and several shapes and sizes, and you can even have it monogrammed in gold letters for just $10 extra, which also makes it quite a nice holiday gift.

Liberty Authentic Vans, $60 at Vans

Racked National columnist Frank Gargione: A second delivery of fresh Vans sneakers in archival Liberty art fabrics is upon us, and, well, they're pretty fabulous. The sneakers themselves are the same durable, functional, comfortable, always-in-style shapes we rely on from a brand like Vans. Likewise, the patterns are classic Liberty. You've likely encountered them before: exuberant, flowery, and oh so whimsically British, with some brash color-blocking and an updated acid print thrown into the mix to keep this from running stale. 

What a perfect way to embrace the maximalist, internationalist, printed-everything fashion moment we're in the midst of—and for a mere $60. The peacock-feather print is my favorite because, well, peacock feathers—but the whole lot is pretty stunning.     

Baxter of California x retaW car tag, $16 at BaxterofCalifornia.com

Racked LA editor Natalie Alcala: Baxter of California is an incredible men's grooming line that was founded by the legendary Baxter Finley in 1965. The Beverly Hills-based brand has been blowing minds with its unique range of products for decades, most recently with its latest car tag collab with Japanese scent maker retaW

Whether you're burnt out on the ancient air freshener options at your local car wash or simply share my love of masculine scents and all things galaxy, give Galactic Cedar a whiff. Don't have a car? Hang it in your closet to freshen up the space.

A Moi H002 Boots, $345 at City Soles  

Racked Chicago editor Jenny Berg: When researching boots for my handy (er, footy?) fall shoe shopping guide, I came across this pair that stopped me in my tracks. Available exclusively at Chicago's City Soles (and online for all you non-Chicagoans) these luxe, peppy kicks are handmade in Mexico from soft, supple leathers. They also have a hidden platform to give your gams a flattering lift. 

And to give your spirit a lift, each pair of boots has a pair of tied-on worry dolls meant to to fend off bad spirits and provide a safe passage through life. Heart and sole. I'm sold. 
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