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Get the Back Story on the Über-Cool Uniforms at Ghostbar Dayclub

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The mayhem at Ghostbar Dayclub
The mayhem at Ghostbar Dayclub
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Ghostbar at the Palms kicked off its cooler weather Ghostbar Dayclub last weekend with fun costumes for its go-go dancers and servers to wear to go along with the fun-loving mood of the cool dayclub. Racked Vegas talked to Judy Desiederio, N9NE Group's lead go-go dancer, and Amber Crawford, N9NE Group's uniform manager, to find out how they put together the cute uniforms worn by both.

The costumes at GBDC really set the tone for the party. What was your inspiration behind the new uniforms for Ghostbar Dayclub?
Judy: For the go-go dancers, I really wanted to see them in something that would captivate the guests' attention immediately upon entering the club. Because it is a dayclub, I leaned toward the idea of creating something bright and colorful, fun yet still sexy but not overly sexy like you often see in nightlife. Amber decided the cocktail servers were to wear something edgy in a metallic color, so I applied the same concept for the go-go dancers and started brewing on ideas of how to create an outfit that would match along with the servers, but still have the dancers "pop" from the rest.

Where did you shop for the pieces?
Judy: I spent weeks looking online at various Websites, piecing every detail and idea together. The Website for the one-piece romper outfit was purchased through The wigs were through All the material for the gems and props were from Michael's and Hobby Lobby. The fiber optic hair clips we got from The entire look itself came together very well.

Amber: We had the cocktail waitress' metallic Spandex leggings with cutouts created exclusively by Hey Baby of California. They did a great job of incorporating a trendy and sexy yet fierce look. We created the metallic purple zip-up crop top as a duplicate of a top our director of public relations and advertising, Alana Litavis, had.

Were girls clamoring to wear one particular item?
Judy: No. With the go-go dancers although they all wear the same outfit, I made it a bit special to where I applied a different color to the hood of the outfit, which I thought best fit each dancer's personality. During the days leading up to our GBDC launch the dancers slowly started seeing sneak peeks on my Instagram of how the outfit was turning out, they kept getting more excited and actually began counting down to our GBDC launch date because they couldn't wait to wear it, ha ha. We really have a strong and great team of girls. I enjoy seeing them light up when it comes to stuff like this it makes all the work put into creating their look so rewarding.

Amber: The cocktail waitresses were just very excited in general to see what their uniforms would look like, especially since they knew it would be reflective of the chic remodel of the room itself.

Can you talk a bit about the accessories that go with the outfits?
Judy: The go-go dancer outfits have detail to them. Pearls and gems of different colors were used to complete the look along with a sheer color material for the tiny bows and color boas for the hoods. Props were also created for this year's look. Since GBDC carries on well into the evening, I wanted to incorporate some sort of light up look to their outfit. The go-gos wear these fiber optic hair clips in their wigs, all a different color. The go-go dancers carry around also at different times of the day these candy lollipops that were also made to light up once it begins to get dark. They are used for presentations and also when they dance. To go along with the look, I wanted the dancers to also carry something they could use to act cute and play around with when they interact with the guests. Everybody loves the oversized lollipops, as soon as the go go's walk out with them all guests instantly swarm to take photos with them.

How much of a factor is comfort with these outfits?
Judy: I took comfort into very big consideration this year. If a look can be created along with comfort, than the dancers are happy and don't have to be self-conscious about if anything is too tight that could get in the way of their dancing.

Amber: The tight leggings with cut-outs show pops of skin, which is even more playful and sexy. GBDC is all about having fun and our cocktail waitresses are jumping up and down with guests, climbing on furniture and just having a good time. Their uniforms allow them to do this with ease.

How do you encourage guests to dress?
Judy: We encourage our GBDC guests to dress up in bright colors and playful costumes. It's all about having fun and a good time and we have tons of whimsical party favors we give out as well such as bandanas, party hats, GBDC branded eye black, fake mustaches and more. Our guests are welcome to join the party in casual clothes, but we often see partygoers with some crazy awesome look they put together themselves. People see that and will ask us the staff, "Are guests allowed to dress up too?" My response to them is, "Of course! Come party in your favorite costume, onsie, masks, tutu, whatever will make sure you feel a part of this party! You can even come dressed up with your entourage of friends that's what GBDC is about!" It's funny because very often the following Saturday I will spot that same person who asked come dressed up in the coolest outfit, or they come with a bunch of friends. Last Saturday we had two different groups dressed as Minions and we surprised them by bringing out our actual Minion costume that our mood director Jersey put on quite the performance to....let's just say if you've never seen a Minion "break it down on the dance floor" our Minion does just that!

What's the best outfit you've seen at GBDC?
Judy: Best outfit I've ever seen at GBDC would definitely be E.T. The guest never came out wearing it and all of the guests all wanted to take a picture with him. It was absolutely hilarious seeing E.T get down to some hip-hop jams. What a sight to see!

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