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10 Tips from Fantasy's Ladies on How to Feel Sexy

 The cast of Fantasy
The cast of Fantasy
Photo: Karl Larson/Powers Imagery LLC

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The ladies of Fantasy at the Luxor debut their 2014 "Unleash Your Fantasy" calendar tonight. Photographer Oscar Picazo shot the 14 images of the entertainers wearing animal print body paint in exotic locations. Here, the ladies share their best tips on how to feel sexy, from wearing heels all the time to donning a pair of boyfriend jeans. Add one of these tips to your daily routine to give you that extra edge of confidence.

1. We love wearing red lipstick because it gives our lips that seductive pop.

2. We're always wearing heels, on-stage and off!

3. There's nothing better than a good work out! We love being in sports bras and work out shorts.

4. A good pair of boyfriend jeans is always stylish. It doesn't have to be revealing to be sexy!

5. Whenever we get a fresh hairstyle, it definitely boosts our confidence and we love showing it off.

6. Wearing lingerie is one of our favorite things, especially when it gives your attitude (and bust!) the right boost.

7. When our favorite song comes on, we love to dance like we don't have a care in the world. Confidence is sexy ;)

8. Getting ready for the day in a luxurious silk robe can make you feel sexy around the clock.

9. After the show, a hot bubble bath with scented candles always sounds like a great way to end the night.

10. For a quick pick-me-up, we love to spritz perfume that reminds us of a sexy date or fun night out.
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