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Add Just the Right Amount of Naughty with this Strappy Bra

Marlies Dekkers Dame De Paris Balcony T-Shirt Bra, <a href=";search=&amp;manual_cm_sp=SlotLocation-_-R1C3-_-MarliesDekker
Marlies Dekkers Dame De Paris Balcony T-Shirt Bra,

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Racked Vegas editor Susan Stapleton: Next time you want to muscle up some courage, add an air of confidence or just feel downright sexy, reach for this bra from Marlies Dekkers, the queen of just the right amount of naughty. Clever straps built into the bra can peek out from under a wrap dress. Or not. You can decide to keep your naughty streak hidden. 

Other bras from this Dutch lingerie designer have straps that dress up a low back. Plunge in with a version with fewer straps to get used to an added amount of sexy or go even naughtier with this version with charms built into the bra. For those willing to go completely naughty, add this matching thong. Yes, I'm wearing one of these items right now. 

Oribe Foundation Mist, $23

Racked Boston editor Susie Kostaras: My fine hair falls victim to dreaded static madness the moment moisture is sucked out of the air. Last year, in my hunt for a lightweight leave-in spray, I encountered Oribe's Foundation Mist, recalling a note about "anti-static protection" and thinking it was a load of bull. Lo and behold, I survived the winter without looking like I perpetually had my finger stuck in an outlet. This stuff really works! Beyond that perk, the spray adds so much shine and the bottle lasts forever—and it's paraben-free formula.

Elizabeth Cole Mohawk Earrings, $138 at Shop Jean

Racked DC editor Adele Chapin: I jumped on the pixie cut bandwagon earlier this summer and chopped my hair off. Now I feel the need to stock up on earrings, and I've had my eye on Elizabeth Cole's ornate creations. But what color to get? I couldn't decide, until I landed on the Swarovski crystal version of Elizabeth Cole's mohawk earrings at Shop Jeen.

The color listed is rainbow. Need I say more? Rainbow wins. But it's a subtle rainbow color, as rainbows go. And the earrings are just edgy enough to be memorable and simple enough to wear all the time. 

Another good reason to click "Buy Me" with Shop Jeen's pizza-shaped cursor: There's a deal at the site right now. If you like Shop Jeen on Facebook, you get 10% off anything in the store, including rainbow mohawk earrings.  

Custom Beastie Plush, $43 at vchenica/Etsy

Racked NY editor Tiffany Yannetta: I came across these pillows at an adorable children's store called Cute Attack in Brooklyn, and had to buy one for my adult self. They're by artist Veronica Chen, and they're available for custom orders on her Etsy page. I might be in my mid-twenties, but I'm pretty sure you can never be too old to host a cute, winking little monster on your couch.

The TT, $260 at Lo & Sons

Racked Chicago editor Jenny Berg: My affinity for slouchy, open-top shoulder bags came to a screeching halt one year at Lollapalooza, as I giddily danced to Grace Potter while a rude festival-goer pinched my iPhone. And my wallet. Oy.

To prevent a long story from becoming longer: I need a safe, sturdy, non-hideous bag that can carry all my essentials. Including Mr. Macbook. This T.T, or Travel Tote, is from online retailer Lo & Sons. It has an internal-support strap system, a back sleeve that lets you secure it over a luggage handle, and a pretty lavender lining. This style goes for $260, which is well worth the investment if it prevents me from having to replace my laptop anytime soon. One caveat: The bag currently has a wait list. So I'll have to avoid music festivals until I get mine.
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