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Coming Soon: A Downtown Motel Filled with Boutiques and Bars

Ferguson's Motel
Ferguson's Motel
Photo: Bradley Martin

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It doesn't look like much right now, but this abandoned motel wants to become your hip destination for shopping, art gallery browsing and a night on the town.

The Ferguson's Motel is further down East Fremont than you've probably thought of venturing for retail therapy, but the City and an incoming wave of new investors are attempting to re-brand the area as the East Village. This 69-room, diamond in the rough motel will become the centerpiece. Built in 1960, the architecture will be brought back to life, with repairs to the existing tile, doors and windows.

Ferguson's Motel [Photo: Bradley Martin]

There are 31 possible spaces to be filled. Some will be given over to offices on the second floor, but a heavy emphasis will be placed on inviting local artists to set up shop. The central forecourt will no longer be used for parking and will be turned into miniature outdoor park. Current plans include abundant umbrella shaded seating. Manicured plots of greenery and a central art feature will dominate the middle of the courtyard. Retailers will be located on the ground floor, inside former motel rooms.

Ferguson's Motel [Photo: Bradley Martin]

Since the motel is now a walk-in art project, parking will be provided one block away on the site of the long demolished Ambassador Motel. A discounted parking price will apply if you are visiting the Ferguson's Motel.

The property was bought in December of 2012 for $5 million by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh for his Downtown Project redevelopment company. The team have admitted they probably overpaid, but were so inspired by the opportunities they could visualize with all these rooms.To offset the costs, they will be adding three bars. Suite 100, the one closest to Fremont Street, will include a 1,750-square-foot patio.

Ferguson's Motel [Photo: Bradley Martin]

The former check-in desk will be transformed into a small coffee shop and add even more outdoor seating for 87 visitors on their patio facing East Fremont. The view includes yet another new project on the horizon. A tavern to be located across the street called The Wheelhouse hopes to be powered by a 90-foot electricity generating windmill.

Will enthusiastic approval from the City Council the Ferguson's Motel is aiming for an opening in the first quarter of 2014.
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Ferguson's Downtown

1028 Fremont St., Las Vegas, NV